Educational Resources

Divine Science Luminaries Include:

Malinda Elliott Cramer
Divine Science and Healing
Divine Science – Its Principle and Practice
Hidden Harmony
Excerpts from Harmony Magazine:
Come Unto Me – Vol. 1 – The Light
Come Unto Me – Vol. 2 – Job
Come unto Me – Vol. 3 – The Christ

Emmet Fox
Science of Living
The Sermon on the Mount
The Ten Commandments
Diagrams for Living: The Bible Unveiled
Keys of Life and Health – Denials &
Affirmations & Treatments
Make Your Life Worthwhile

W. John Murray
Astor Lectures
The Murray Course in Divine Science
Realm of Reality
Mental Medicine
New Thoughts on Old Doctrines

Joseph Murphy
Magic of Faith
Prayer is the Answer
Traveling With God
How to Attract Money
Peace Within Your Self
The Power of the Subconscious Mind

Ernest Holmes
The Science of Mind
Creative Mind
This Thing Called You

Fannie Brooks James
Divine Science:  New Light Upon Old Truths
Truth and Health
Selected Bible Readings & Meditation
Divine Science – Its Principle & Practice

Nona Lovell Brooks
Short Lessons in Divine Science

C. William Mercer
Present At The Beginning
The Christology Connection
Courage, Conviction and Consciousness

New Thought Luminaries Include:

Emma Curtis Hopkins
Scientific Christian Mental Practice
High Mysticism
Bible Interpretations

Charles Fillmore
Jesus Christ Heals
Keep a True Lent
Talks on Truth
Christian Healing
Metaphysical Bible Dictionary