Ministers & Practitioners

Divine Science Practitioners are specially trained in the methods of Christian Healing that date to the work of Jesus the Christ.  We study His teachings, as well as the works of Malinda Cramer, Nona Brooks, Emma Curtis Hopkins, Emmet Fox, W. John Murray, H.B. Jeffery and other noteworthy Christian Healers.

HAWAII (2)Rev. Sedare Coradin-Mercer

Divine Science Minister and Practitioner,
United Divine Freedom Church
New York, NY
Mail:  55 West 116th Street, Suite 265
New York, NY  10026
(646) 306-2424


0017Rev. Dr. C. William Mercer

Divine Science Minister and Practitioner
United Divine Freedom Church
New York, NY
Mail:  55 West 116th Street, Suite 265
New York, NY  10026
(646) 753-2959



Enjoy these daily practices. May you be uplifted by their words and meaning. And may you manifest your good.

Daily Practice

I am Divine Wholeness. I am wholly Divine. I am unlimited Power.
The Power that I am is unlimited. I know what Truth is and I enjoy it.
I am satisfied and happy. I am unlimited possibility to bring forth the nature of being.

Healing Prayer

Father, illumine my consciousness and the consciousness of all who are asking for healing
so that we have the strength of the light within to give the obedience necessary
to hold the purity that is the healing, that brings illumination to the mind
and the understanding that God, Spirit is All. We are whole, perfect and complete.
We know no limitations and live in the Kingdom of Good.
We erase from our consciousness any beliefs in the absence of Good,
and we know that God is Present with each one of us, Right Here, and Right Now.
Where God is there cannot be sickness, sin and death;
there is only perfection, peace, love and harmony.
We know that all things are embraced within God and are sustained by God.
We spring into Life, Health, Love, Abundance,
and all we desire knowing the Truth of our Being is God.
We are grateful as we continue to affirm our Oneness with God.
And so It Is!

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God Bless You!

From Divine Science and Healing by Malinda Cramer
“Omnipresent Spirit has one purpose; that is to express itself as the universe of visible things.

Let us affirm:

I am unlimited in Being.
I am unlimited in action.
I am unlimited in the result of my action.
My body is Spirit-Substance in the form of limitless Idea.
My eyes are open to Truth.  They behold the perfect law of liberty.
My Divine Nature is the law that I express in all my ways.
I acknowledge the Good in all my ways.
My paths are paths of peace.
“I stand in the great forever,
I have in the Ocean of Truth And I bask in the golden sunshine
Of endless love and youth.”

“One is the number of Unity, Unity is forever the state or nature of One.”
Malinda E. Cramer