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Prosperity Prayer

“Infinite Mind in, as and through me, blesses and multiplies this offering”.

“In God I Live, Move and have my Being. I therefore have no limitations, and no doors can be closed to me. Only Good can come to me and the universe floods me with its blessings of abundance and opulence, and opens its treasure house to me. And I am grateful to my Father, Mother, God for the resurrection of all my affairs. And so it is!”

Psalm 23:1

The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall not want…


“I saturate my mind with God’s prosperous ideas, and I give them full authority in my thinking to act through me. I know that I subjectively accept them, and that the law of Minds has already moved into action, and their acceptance is immediate. Today I live in abundance, for God supports me in every way. I appreciate the action of prosperity in all my affairs.”

~ Author Unknown