Here your concerns in life can be shared in confidence with another soul who will treat those concerns in the same way that Jesus treated the blessed souls who sought comfort and counsel from Him. We know your Wholeness and your Perfection, and see you as the Divine Being that you are in Truth.

June 2016 Prayer

‘Beloved Mighty I AM Presence’, Father-Mother God, we know that where any of us are gathered in Your name, You are there.  We acknowledge Your Presence and we thank You for Your Love and for guiding us in our work today.

Lord, thank you for reminding us that the knowledge of Truth makes us free.  We understand that it is not the one who makes the mistake whom we should seek to destroy; it is the mistake itself that must be erased.  This means that evil has no existence in itself and has no history.  No matter what the denials of yesterday may have been, the affirmations of today rise triumphant and transcendent over them.  Thus, all evil of our yesterdays disappear into their native nothingness.  If we behold beauty instead of ugliness, then beauty will appear.  If we persist in seeing the true rather than the false, then that which is true will appear. Let’s, then, cease complaining over shortcomings, mistakes and the evil of our yesterdays and, steadfastly hold the face of the great and divine Reality, let us resolve to walk in the Light wherein there is no darkness.

We now know that every negative condition of the past is cleared away from our consciousness.  We no longer think about it, see it, or believe in it.  Nor do we believe that it has any effect whatsoever on our experience.  Yesterday is not, tomorrow is not, but today, bright with hope and filled with promise, is ours.  Today we live! Today I live!

Spirit, we love You and we thank You for going before us and giving us what You know we need, at the moment we need it.  As we give power ONLY to Thee, we silently affirm:  “My God, as my good, is the infinite Mind Presence in which all created life inheres and from which it derives its good.  God is all-sufficient being and therefore, my own all-sufficiency in all things.  His wealth substance is the wealth of my consciousness and affairs and I daily enjoy the prosperity of the sons and daughters of God.  The substance of God is the light of my mind, the health of my body, and the abundance of all my affairs.”

We rejoice in God within us knowing that we are a blessing unto ourselves, to humankind, and to every day in which we live.  Amen! And So It Is!

Healing Prayer

“That which loves one loves all.
All are in and of One Source.
As the One Spirit loved Jesus the Christ,
so does it love and respect each one of us.
There is but One Law, which is Infinite Love.”

By knowing and praising the central idea of your wholeness in the mind of God, the Practitioner of Divine Science Prayer Ministry is able to realize healing for you who asked for spiritual help. The Prayer Practitioner is in meditation and prayer affirming Divine wisdom, guidance, perfect health, strength, limitless abundance for you according to your need. You are regarded and identified as the perfect creation of the one perfect creator. You are reminded through prayer that God is All Good and your good is at hand.

Lord’s Prayer

Our Father who art in heaven,
hallowed be Thy name.
Thy Kingdom come,
Thy will is done in earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread
and forgive us our trespasses
as we forgive those
who have trespassed against us.
And lead us not into temptation
but deliver us from error,
For Thine is the Kingdom,
and the Power, and the Glory
forever and ever. Amen.